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    Our History

    The inception of the International Center for Leadership and Conflict Studies (ICLCS) can be credited to Ernst Pierre Vincent's visionary pursuits. While earning an MS in Leadership at the Huizenga College of Business of Nova Southeastern University, the groundwork for this initiative began to take shape. Driven by a profound interest in leadership studies, he initiated the Global Initiative for Leadership Studies (GILS).

    Our Mission

    To provide impactful leadership and conflict resolution programs, conduct cutting-edge research, and offer strategic consulting worldwide.

    Our Vission

    To advance global peace through comprehensive education, pioneering research, collaborative initiatives, and strategic consulting.

    Our Awesome Team Members

    Dr. Ernst Pierre Vincent

    Ernst Pierre Vincent is a global conflict expert whose research interests revolve around identity, religious and political conflict, race and ethnic relations, statelessness, slavery, and neo-colonialism. He has conducted research with Dominicans of Haitian descent, human rights activists, and religious leaders to explore the persistent challenges faced by stateless people in the Dominican Republic. He has also studied the role of the Church in the struggle for racial reconciliation and social justice in the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States. Dr. Vincent is the president of the International Center for Leadership and Conflict Studies (ICLCS) Board of Directors.

    Ismael Baptiste

    Ismael Baptiste is a Protestant minister who is fervently dedicated to leadership and advocating for human rights. His passion for empowering individuals and promoting justice has led him to serve as the assistant secretary of the International Center for Leadership and Conflict Studies (ICLCS) Board of Directors. In this role, he works tirelessly to advance the organization's mission of fostering effective leadership development and peaceful conflict resolution on a global scale. With a deep commitment to positively impacting the world, Ismael continues to champion the values of integrity, compassion, and equality in all aspects of his work.

    Francklyn Bien-Aimé Geffrard

    He is is an accomplished journalist, originally from Trou du Nord, Nord-Est, Haiti. He earned a degree in journalism from the prestigious Haitian Center for Journalists' Training (CHFJ), following his studies in social communication. Driven by a passion for learning, Francklyn pursued advanced studies in broadcasting at City College, Hollywood, Florida, USA, where he gained extensive expertise in radio, television, cinema, marketing, and related fields. His extensive academic background and professional experience make him a highly skilled and knowledgeable journalist.

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